Who Is Your Best Friend? How Did You Meet?

From birth, we've been living the life our parents chose for us. That's how we know each other, and the differences aren't so significant as to interfere with our friendship. So, friends always show up. When we're students, we find ourselves in an environment that's perfect for creating friendship. It's easy to observe all the necessary conditions for a strong friendship. Sociologists believe that there three of them: neighborhood, unplanned meetings, something that allows you to relax in the presence of another person and start trusting him.

How to Find the Best Friend?

You can't make friends staying at home all the time in the evenings alone. You have to act all the time, so make yourself go out and meet as many people as possible. At first, you will feel a little uncomfortable, but your efforts will not be in vain. One of the easiest ways is to use the existing friend to find a new one. Go to a party or social event. Let your friend give you some advice. You can meet people by study or by interest. Friends usually share an interest, so the people you meet at the university or club are potential candidates for your friend's place. Get to know people by work. You may have a work colleague with whom you meet, but you have never had any fun together. It's time you did. Meet people on the Internet. There are certain prejudices about dating online, but it's actually a great way to get to know people. Blogs, social networks and forum comments are great ways to socialize. On dating websites, such as wellhello, you’ll be able to find a good friend who, in the future, can become your beloved one or a life partner.

Who Is a Real Friend?

A real friend supports all your endeavors. Whether it's a new kind of dance, climbing, job change, or starting your own business, he will be with you no matter whatever choice you make. Your real friend loves your stupidity. We do stupid things sometimes or we just fool around a little bit. A real friend loves you and your follies, too. If they're real friends, you'll do stupid things together and have fun. A good friend can keep a secret. If you want to trust your little secret and not be afraid that everyone will know tomorrow, say it to your real best friend. Fake friends will not take the secret properly but will treat it as something everyday and insignificant. A real friend respects you, and only the two of you will know the secret. Your close friend is still on your side. It doesn't matter who you're having an affair with, and whether you're right or wrong, a real friend is always on your side. Such a friend will always support and help in any situation without even asking what it is. We all have our own little quirks (whims in the morning, strange behavior after a glass of martini, love eating at midnight), and this is known only to real friends. No one else can get to know you so well, because real friends notice such little things. It's a good sign.