Admission Essay Back Belt of Taekwondo

Being a black belt in Union Taekwondo or just testing for a black belt is very hard. There are many tests and information that one has to know in order to pass the three phases of the black belt test. Also, there are tests after getting the black belt, which tests new information that is learned. I think that I deserve to be a black belt because I am an honest person, I am a strong minded person, and I am a persistent person, who never gives up. First, I deserve to be a black belt because I am an honest person. I do not tell lies under any circumstances, even if the consequences are great.

My belief is, If the consequences are already great, then they will become worse by lying. Someday every liar and cheat will be caught, no matter how deeply buried the lie is. If a lie is told, it requires more lies to keep it hidden. Thus, when the original lie is brought out into the light, the other lies that were made to protect the original lie will be brought out too. The consequences will increase because of the extra lies that are added. Next, I deserve to be a black belt because I am a strong minded person. Being strong minded means that I am not influenced easily. I hold tight to my long held beliefs, and always question something that contradicts those beliefs. Whenever someone says something to me, I always question them, regardless of their social status. Lastly, I deserve to be a black belt because I am a persistent person who never gives up, even when it seems that all is lost. I have learned that giving up means I am giving up my last chance to make a miracle happen. I will never get to see what might have been.

Even if I lost, I would be happy that I did not lose because I gave up. Instead, I would be happy that I lost because of a lack of skill so that I could continue to improve and probably pass next time. In my opinion, people who give up are basically saying that they just want to quit and not try to win. If those same people tried, then they probably might have won. Being humble is showing modest importance. Being humble in taekwondo means that one does not take credit for everything, and gives more importance to the instructors and teachers than himself.

This is also important in life because when one is on a sports team of any sort, they need to give more importance to the entire team rather than themselves or the chemistry of the team will slowly deteriorate. The most important characteristic of a black belt is their integrity. The integrity of a black belt is so unbelievable and not common at all. Many people would do the wrong thing when people are not looking. However, black belts do the right thing even when people are not looking. It takes a true black belt and an all around good person to do that.